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White supremacy is an ideology that is maintained by a set of values, customs and norms, intended to exalt the humanity of White folk, while simultaneously desecrating the humanity of all others, implementing racism as a tool of psychological warfare and oppression.

In the ways white supremacy permeates our society, not only are we forced to engage with systems that perpetuate and uphold it, but we are also subjected to the dehumanizing experiences associated with it.

As a result, white supremacy has an adverse impact on the quality of our lives, which in turn, also has a negative effect on our mental health, even when we cannot recognize the symptoms.

The intention of this Unpacking White Supremacy project is to spread awareness about the complex, nuanced ways that white supremacy infiltrates our lives, exploring it through a sociological lens, as we unpack its various iterations; and engage in a process of psychological liberation through the sharing of our personal narratives and collective lived experience.​

This project evolved from a section of our flagship program, The Liberated Self Seminar. For more info on our seminar, click on link.  

The main objectives of this project are as follows:

1. To give language to the root cause of the adversities that Black and Brown folk have had to endure, since the onset of the European conquest of the Western Hemisphere via the horrors of colonialism.

2. To bring awareness to the various iterations of white supremacy that has adversely impacted the lives of Black and Brown folk and harmed our psychological well-being and mental health.

3. To unpack the lived experiences of Black and Brown folk, utilizing our own narratives, as pathways to our personal and collective psychological liberation, healing and self-actualization.  

These objectives are meant to affirm and validate our personal and collective lived experiences, within the context of white supremacy, as we are forced to maneuver through a hostile world, which intends to erase us and make us forget who we are; all while pathologizing our responses and reactions to it.


To affirm and validate our personal and collective lived experiences, is to empower us to become our own self-generated antidotes, as we work towards transcending white supremacy and step into our greatest potentialities.

Below, you will find three variations of this project, which are all independent of each other, but are still in alignment with this project's intention and objectives.

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