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The Liberated Self Seminaris our flagship program, which is a specialized, intensive and experiential personal development seminar, facilitated over three days, designed to have participants take a deep dive into how the ideas, values, customs and norms of white supremacy has thwarted their relationship to the Self and the world around them.

In this seminar, participants will discover the negative ideas they have internalized about their racialized identities, as a result of their lived experience and other social conditioning factors, within a white supremacist context, and will be given an opportunity to distinguish (and name) their “double consciousness,” in real time, contextualized as The Oppressed Self, and the adverse impact that has had on their lives.

Participants will then be taken through a process, designed to liberate them from the narratives, intended to keep them in a persistent state of inferiority; and they will experience a transcendence of oppression, while reclaiming their intrinsic sense of power and purpose, as they declare who they are, based on their own most authentic, radicalized truths, contextualized as The Liberated Self.

*For the ensured psychological and emotional safety of our participants, this program is specifically designed for Black and Brown folk (BIPOC), who identify as African, African American, Black, Afro Caribbean, West Indian, Latinx or Afro Latino/a and/or Indigenous Peoples of America.


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