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"White supremacy is the reason I thought negative about myself... But I learned I am not defined by white supremacy. I am allowed to exist, be, and make a mark on earth." Maria S.


"I learned that I do not have to stay in the bubble of oppression that I can pop that bubble and venture out." Keisha J.

"I LOVED THIS SEMINAR! IT IS INNOVATIVE AND CRITICAL FOR THE COMMUNITIES THAT I AM A PART OF! THIS IS WHAT WE BLACK AND BROWN BODIES NEED. ANTONIO DID A PHENOMENAL JOB. I am utterly grateful for taking part of this experience when I did, because I never thought I could have a space like this." Tiana R.

"This experience was way more AMAZING than I expected it to be."Sean S.

"I learned that I’m more powerful than I can even fathom. I am everything it is all connected and we are all connected. White supremacy and the cycle of oppression have had deep impacts in our lives and it has been passed on from generation to generation since at least colonization." Kenneth A.

"I discovered that who I am has been deeply affected by my parents experiences with the culture of white supremacy. I have learned that I have the power to liberate myself. Lastly, I learned that unless I start treating my people of color like brothers and sisters we will never have the community I desire us to cultivate."Courtney D.

"I didn’t know who I truly was before this seminar."Jose M.

"I learned to feel the pain of my ancestors and transcend the generational trauma that I subconsciously face on a daily basis. I also realized that all the negative characteristics about myself were all lies that were not INITIALLY told by me, but by the culture of white supremacy, which I then internalized as my own." Marisol F.

"This seminar reached deep into my heart and I believe that I can actually make the change that I want to see in my life as long as I challenge and push myself. Thank you Antonio!" Hector B.

"I learned that I have allowed The Culture of White Supremacy to take over my entire existence. From the way that I dress to how I behave, especially in public spaces, are all due to the culture of white supremacy." –Denise L.

 "I felt empowered and challenged. This seminar gave me the motivation to go out there and push myself to be a better me without the clouding of my negative internalized ideas. I want to push past the negative thoughts that I have about myself and I feel like I was  given the right support and tools to do just that."  Alicia C.

"I was able to understand that what I was saying to myself weren’t even my own words." Mike R.

"The most important insight I am walking away with is the fact that white supremacy does exist but there isn't much we can do about changing that right now. We have to focus on ourselves and bettering ourselves and our community to be able to get past the pain and suffering that white supremacy has caused and continues causing us. When we educate ourselves and understand where our suffering comes from and understand that the society we live in wasn't built for us, we then have the opportunity to become free and liberated on our own terms." Chris T.

"I loved the feeling of community that was fostered amongst our group. I feel like I have made new friends and allies. I honestly cannot stop thinking about it." Jessenia J.

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