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The Liberated Self Therapeutic Services, LLC is a private practice, dedicated to empowering Black and Brown folk, across communities, as we maneuver through a world that is often hostile towards us, both individually and collectively.


We were founded with the sole purpose of providing services that are designed to be an antidote to the various societal factors and ills that adversely impact our overall psychological, physical and spiritual well-being.


Our focus in not political, per se, but is grounded in a humanistic and social justice approach that’s intended to honor the dignity and humanity of those of us who are forced to endure an oppressive existence, not by choice, but by a process of social conditioning, intended to dehumanize us.


To disrupt and dismantle the psychological chaos and confusion of white supremacy, as we facilitate a transformative healing process that will allow Black and Brown folk to transcend the adverse impact of our historical and current intergenerational, complex racial trauma.

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