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Utilizing a creative approach to our Unpacking White Supremacy project, we are curating a collection of narratives, in the format of personal essays, that will give Black and Brown folk, across communities, the opportunity to share about and document their own lived experience with white supremacy. Not only will their writings allow them to explore and unpack the adverse impact white supremacy has had on their lives, but it will allow them to engage in a therapeutic process of self-reflection that might spark (or reignite) a quest for psychological liberation; all while highlighting and sharing about the various ways they are working towards transcending white supremacy.

This collection of personal essays will be published in book format, as an anthology of the same name, and will span several volumes, intended to be used as a written record of the narratives that Black and Brown folk, across communities, bring to our personal and collective lived experience.

Although most of the personal essays will be written by folk who have been invited into this project, we encourage anyone who has a compelling story to share to enter a submission below. Our essay submission form will have prompts for you to follow, so you could know exactly what we are looking for. As a matter of providing access, all submissions will be considered for inclusion in this project and will be followed up with feedback, further instructions (if necessary) and a notice of consideration.

Before moving forward with your essay submission, please note, as a response to the ongoing efforts to silence, sensor and erase the voices (and perspectives) of Black and Brown folk, this project is intended to center and increase the frequency of Black and Brown voices (and perspectives).

As a result of that—and in the spirit of social justice and equity—the contributions of folk who identify as African, African American, Afro Caribbean, Black, Brown, West Indian, Latinx or Afro Latino/a, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and/or Native American will be prioritized.

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