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Our Unpacking White Supremacy program is an introduction into a conversation that provides participants with an opportunity to explore and unpack the various iterations of white supremacy, which has severely tainted and corrupted our social and societal infrastructures; and, as a result, has adversely impacted the psychological, physical and spiritual well-being of Black and Brown folk, across communities.

The intention of this program is to engage participants in an experiential process, designed to prompt honest dialogue about their lived experience, within the context of white supremacy; and to have participants explore the various ways in which white supremacy shows up, in their day-to-day lives, as they maneuver through the world, as racialized Black and Brown folk; and to provide participants with an opportunity develop a deepened understanding of their lived experience and the adverse impact that white supremacy has had on the quality of their lives, their overall well-being and their mental health.

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